© Nora Schweitzer
For everything within reach is quite exceptional

Entering Jenin is a painful and familiar experience: this is what gives this city such great beauty. Here, the relationship between art and pain becomes as clear as ever. 2002 was the year Jenin was destroyed; one of the city’s sons had a plan to establish a center for handicrafts. Emad Zahra’s mother’s face is a microcosm for the city’s story, running the center, Tourath, and telling bits of the story, as if her soul is holding onto them to keep going. Not very far away lies one of Christianity’s earliest locations, Burqin Church - unusual, strange, unexpected – is the world’s fourth oldest church. In the Jenin’s refugee camp, the Al-Hourryeh Theatre is a space where you can witness dreamy souls coming to life, dancing, screaming and chanting to reject all the constraints of routine and tradition.

And if you wish to experience the city’s more laid-back scene, head towards An-Nabatat Café where the whole city’s youth meet, surrounded by green trees, bringing the area’s soul to the immediate touch. In Jenin, you need not look very far, for everything within reach is quite exceptional.