© May Marei
Somewhere in the northern parts of Palestine

The town of Tulkarm is situated in the north-central part of historic Palestine, in the Northern West Bank. It is located on the boundary of the coastal plain to the west of the city, and the land is mountainous to the east of the city. Numerous explanations exist for Tulkarm, may be all correct according to the historical stages that have passed by the city. All explanations found relate to the abundance of “karm”, the grape tree, in the area. Its location, the fertility of its soil, and the abundance of water, were among the excellent conditions that helped the city in achieving the fast growth and development during the brief period of the current century, after the village remained very small, during its long history, since Roman times. Tulkarm has grown since its finding in 1886, from a small village, to become the center of the governorate, a center that opened its doors to all the people of the neighboring towns and villages, who brought with them their hopes and their potential to mix with everyone.