Yelling Stones, speaking walls are drawing a history, wires with changing colors, and a persisting golden atmosphere.

This is how you feel when you enter the Jiftlik Prison in Jericho Governorate. This famous Ottoman prison witnessed several historic events and battled against its own demise. Today, this building is falling apart and needs rehabilitation.

This collection was taken during my visit to Jiftlik with a group of environmentalists, photographers and other interested people to support the residents of this area, to document their suffering and to represent the cultural heritage of this area.

© Shadi A. Baker

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  • Imprisoned office
  • One window
  • Trilingual
  • Perspective
  • Arches
  • A Cell
  • In the shadow of barbed wires
  • Cells expansion
  • The other one
  • Let's play chess!
  • A diary
  • Landscape