Enjoy Science in Palestine

Watching scientific theories and technology concepts translated into hands-on activities and experiencing the knowledge from other perspective is what Al Nayzak’s Science and Technology House is all about.

A few kilometres away from Ramallah, in the middle of the old city of Birzeit, you will find a special renovated place, preserving the prestigious culture of the past while introducing the science and technology of the future. The house was initially donated by and named after Sa’adeh family.

The Science and Technology House merge the scientific, engineering, and technology aspects of our everyday lives with fun and extraordinary activities.  The house is open to visitors: children and adults, as groups, families or individuals who get engaged in the process of knowledge acquisition, which is characterize by entertainment with science and technology. The visitors can book for special tours at the Science and Technology house and the old city of Birzeit. They can also coordinate for special events like scientific birthdays, take pleasure in watching 3D films or enjoy the scientific theatre plays that combine drama and comedy with science, technology, and engineering.

When you first visit the house, you’ll first come across the Physics and Astronomy Section, where you experience and learn the answers to many questions like: How come airplanes don’t fall off the sky? How do satellites work? How do they acquire energy? You will also learn about Stargazing during the afternoon hours, studying air pressure and its details and more.

Not far away you find yourself fairing in a different atmosphere, different colors and different kind of knowledge in the Chemistry and Medicine Section that’s sponsored by Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company. In there; you will explore how is medicine produced? And why do we take the anti-biotic? You will also visualize the blood circulation in the human body.

The joy continues when you enter the Telecommunications Section which is sponsored by Palestine Cellular Communication Company Jawwal and the Robotics Laboratory “Behind Wires” which is an interactive robotics, electronics, and electricity laboratory to build electronic circuits, build and program robots, and construct innovative projects.

In the Science and Technology house you’ll also be able to observe the Sunspots during the day, and the stars and planets in the evening using modern and advanced telescopes.

The Science Garden is a part you don’t want to miss; it is an external garden which contains distinguished interactive exhibits in mechanics and waves fields, and offers a creative space for special activities.