Nablus, the little Damascus

The famous Arab explorer Ibn Battuta had nicknamed Nablus “the little Damascus”, and it’s well deserved! With its bustling souk and its well-preserved architecture, the old city of Nablus has nothing to envy the great cities of the Middle-East. Arched windows, vaulted pathways, narrow streets and coloured domes evoke a place full of history. The alleys of the souk are a brilliant display of colours and scents! Fabrics, jewellery, hot peppers, small sweets, sahlab glasses with coconut and cinnamon flavours, hawkers with colourful carts, there’s something for every taste! Lucky visitors may even discover the secrets of the preparation of the famous knafeh!

© Nora Schweitzer

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  • Fabrics, jewellery, clothes, there’s everything in the alleys of the souk!
  • Arched windows in the old city
  • Peppers, pickles and other marinated vegetables, in a small shop of the souk
  • “Masjid en-Nasr”, the victory mosque, in the heart of the old city
  • Behind the scenes of the preparation of the succulent knafeh
  • A hawker selling tormous (lupini beans), traditionally eaten as a pickled snack food
  • A glass of sahlab flavoured with cinnamon, coconut and ginger
  • The owner of this small sweet shop in the old souk makes his own handmade candy
  • Very coloured little sweets made in a small shop of the souk
  • A vaulted pathway in the maze of the little streets of the old city
  • People in the old souk are very welcoming with travellers. This old guy invited me for coffee in his old DIY shop where he was sitting with a friend of him. They told me about the story of Nablus and the time before the Israeli occupation in 1967